• Black Magic Tan Vac Portable
    TanVac Extraction Fan Say goodbye to over-spray and enjoy dramatically improved air quality with your new Portable, TanVac Extraction Fan. Features •    Professional Grade Extraction •    Extraction Rate - 1900 M3/Hour •    Highly Efficient Cen..
  • Mobile Spray Tanning Extraction System
    Mobile Spray Tanning Extraction System Cleaning excess tan created by overspray from your equipment is a messy job, This great portable extraction system will help eliminate that overspray mess.  This lightweight (7kg) spray tan extractor effortlessly draw in excess spray tan. The Remo..
  • Pop Up Spray booth Black Magic
    Pop Up Spray booth Black Magic We all know what mess can come from doing tan after tan, the POP UP SPRAY BOOTHS have evolved over the years to an important addition to any MOBILE TANNER or SALON OWNER. The Black Magic booth has windows to allow more light in, allowing the tanner to see clearly..
  • Salon Extraction System
    The Black Magic Salon Extraction System. Every Salon should have an extraction system. Its not just for your clients its also for your staff. This purpose built for spray tanning Extraction System will ensure that your salon is free from overspray from spray tanning. The Black Magic Extract..
  • TE Portable Extraction Disposable Filters – 6 Pack
    STOP THE MESS We all know that the more tans you do the messier it gets, Tanning Solution can spread all over a Salon. These disposable filters are designed to fit into the the portable salon extraction system as well as the Salon Extraction System. These Filters are a 4 stage filter system..